Team Bibby Tournament - 11U Division
Semi Finals Games

After watching such an action-packed, emotion filled day of youth/grassroots basketball the day before, I wondered if day three would be too hard for these young men to possibly come close to duplicating there performances from the day before, not only were they able to duplicate their performances, they topped them. 9am in gym 1, the 11U semi finals was the YMCA team (11U tourney favorites) led by their 2 headed monster back court Domonic Cagglione and Micah Price going up against a fairly solid and newly formed team the AP Elite out of the west Phoenix area who’s led by their offensively savvy point guard Elgin Nelson and their athletic forward Justice suing Jr. The YMCA squad led by Domonic Cagglione’s 17pts and his counter part Micah Price added 9pts as they moved past the AP Elite to advance to the finals with a 42-25 victory. The AP Elite was led by Elgin Nelson’s 9pts and Justice Suing Jr. contributed 8pts.

The second 11U semi final game was a very good and evenly matched game as the complete but not very deep PHX Flames took on the talent-loaded Team Magic. This game went down to the wire. While throughout the majority of the game the PHX Flames led and it started to look as if maybe Team Magic had looked past their upset minded opponents. As time became more and more of the essence, with 6:32 seconds remaining in the game and Team Magic down by 7 pts, coach Walt Tindal called a time out and during the time out coach Tindal proceeded to give his troops a serious tongue lashing which seemed to work. In the final 5 minutes of the game Team Magic went on a 18-0 run and went on to win the game by the score of 37-26. Marvin Bagely Jr. led Team Magic with 11pts 8rebs and the talented point guard Saban Lee added 6pts. The PHX Flames were led by Cameron Taylor’s 13pts.


11U Championship Game 

This game was an eagerly anticipated grudge match between the YMCA and Team Magic. Although Just 24 hrs early YMCA had beaten Team Magic pretty handily, coach Walt Tindal of Team Magic felt like that loss was a bit of a fluke and felt like this game would be much different and it was. Team Magic jumped out fast and hard and did not let up. While YMCA’s two headed monster seemed to have plateaued. Team Magic’s deep and very talented team seemed to peak at the right time by taking a convincing 7pt lead with just under 8 minutes to go in the second half Micah Price began to play like a young man possessed, while Micah was held to only 3pts in the first half, Micah scored 10 in the second half (8 in the final 6 minutes) hitting a couple of mid range jumpers and taking the ball to the basket a couple of times but it was an unusual suspect, Cole Rothen who was fouled with 3 seconds remaining in the game. Cole sank 2 free throws that put the YMCA up by 1 pt and sealed the 36-35 victory and the championship for the YMCA 11U squad. The YMCA was led by Micah Price’s 13pts while Team Magic was led by Marvin Bagely Jr’s 9pts 7rebs Tyler Tindal contributed 7pts. Congratulations YMCA 11U!

11U All-Tournament Team

Marvin Bagely Jr.(Team Magic), Saban Lee (Team Magic), Caleb Simmons (Team Magic), Tyler Tindal (Team Magic), Domonic Cagglione (YMCA), Bryce Fowler (YMCA), Dylen Blunck (YMCA), Micah Price (YMCA), Brennan Van Dyke (AZ Flames), Cameron Taylor (AZ Flames), Elgin Nelson (AP Elite), Justice Suing Jr. (AP Elite), Darion Spottsville (Falcons) Tournament MVP: Domonic Cagglione (YMCA)


Team Bibby Tournament - 12U Division
Semi Finals Game

 Game 3 in gym 1 12U semi final game Yo Attitude vs. the Crusaders. While this game could’ve gone either way on paper, Yo Attitude was determined to meet Team Bibby in the 12U finals. Yo Attitude cruised to a 64-47 victory. Russ Bidege led all scores with 23pts 9rebs and Tor-el Seay added 13pts. Teddy Allen led the Crusaders with 17pts and Mason Stark added 9pts. Team Bibby received a bye to the 12U championship so they were awaiting Yo Attitude.

12U Championship Game

Just like the 11U championship game, these two teams played each other less than 24 hrs earlier and Team Bibby was victorious in that meeting and earlier in the day Russ Bidege had all but guaranteed a Yo Attitude victory. As expected this game was very competitive, intense

and filled with excitement, at the end of the day, Team Bibby showed why they just might be the top 12U team on the west coast and among the top ten 12U teams in the country by handing a very talented but not very deep Yo Attitude squad a 44-32 loss as they took home the 12U Championship. The depth of Team Bibby and too much Bryce Fisher seemed to the difference in the game. Team Bibby was led by Bryce Fisher’s 13pts and Michael Daine Bibby contributed 7pts. Russ Bidege led Yo Attitude with 10pts while Tor-el Seay and Dylen Cole both added 8pts.


Team Bibby Tournament 12U All-Tournament Team

Darian Adams (Team Bibby), Gavin Lindstom (Team Bibby), Michael Dane Bibby (Team Bibby), JJ Rhymes (Team Bibby), Bryce Fisher (Team Bibby), Russ Bidege (Yo Attitude), Tor-el Seay (Yo Attitude), Dylan Cole (Yo Attitude), Grant Fogerty (Yo Attitude), Alex Barcello (Crusaders), Teddy Allen (Crusaders), Mason Stark (Crusaders) Tournament MVP: Bryce Fisher (Team Bibby)

Team Bibby Tournament - 13U Division
Semi Finals Games

Game 1 of the 13U semi finals was a rematch from Saturday’s game of the day Team Bibby (13U) vs PHX Force 13U but this time Team Bibby took care of business to avenge their loss from a day earlier by beating a very good and gamey PHX Force team 45-36 to advance to the 13U championship. Gavin Lindstrom led all scores with 17pts 9rebs and Micheal Dane Bibby chipped in 9pts while N’Keal Harry led the PHX Force with 16pts 8rebs. Game 2 of the 13U semi finals was another barn burner as Team Teestos was faced with a tall order attempting to dethrone probably the most dominating player out of all age groups, Taylor Shruggs and the SW Academy. Once again the Big Fella was too much for the scrappy team from northern Arizona by scoring 27pts and grabbing 12rebs leading his team past Team Teestos 52-40. Austin Tsosi led Team Teestos with 14pts.

Team Bibby Tournament 13U Championship Game

This game was another rubber match-must see game. These 2 teams also played each other just 24 hrs earlier and most fans along with coach (Albert Ramirez) felt like Team Bibby had snuck a win from the Taylor Shruggs and the SW Academy and if that were the case, everyone was prepared to find out but it wasn’t. Team Bibby looked as if they were about to accomplish the unthinkable win (2) championships in (2) different age groups in the same tournament which they did, not to mention that they held which was the most dominating player in the tournament (Taylor Shruggs) who averaged 25pts and 12 rebounds a game to just 13pts and 8 rebounds “we knew that if we didn’t stop there big guy, we didn’t stand a chance in winning this game, it wasn’t about the offense this game, it was all about defense” said Team Bibby’s coach Raymond Walcott. Team Bibby had several players with 6pts (which was the high of any player on the team) it truly was a defensive effort. Team Bibby is a great team, as a scout I’m utterly impressed with the way they play, their ability to adjust to their opponents and how unselfish they are, they are one of the best passing AAU teams that I have ever seen at any level and they are such a joy to watch.  As real basketball fans, we should be ecstatic about this team because they truly represent the state of Arizona extremely well, Congratulations Team Bibby.


13U All-Tournament Team

Gavin Lindstrom (Team Bibby), Bryce Fisher (Team Bibby), Micheal Dane Bibby (Team Bibby), Kamen Walls (Team Bibby), JJ Rhymes (Team Bibby), N’Kiel Harry (PHX Force), Mason Stark (PHX Force), Austin Tsosi (Team Teestos), Milland Thomas (Team Teestos), Taylor Shruggs (SW Academy), Stephon Williams (SW Academy), Ronnie Ramirez (SW Academy), Isiah Elliott (SW Academy), John Rivera (YMCA) Tournament MVP: Gavin Lindstrom (Team Bibby)

Team Bibby Tournament - 14U Division
Semi Finals Games

The 14U semi finals started off with the Falcons vs the AZ Stars. Not only had the AZ Stars won every game they played in the tournament thus far, they’d won by an average margin of 32pts and this game wasn’t much different as the AZ Stars went on to route the Falcons 72-31. While the AZ Stars had 4 players in double figures, Chris Davis led all scores with 16pts and 14rebs, Justin Laine led the Falcons with 12pts. Game 2 of the 14U semi finals featured the PHX Force vs the AZ Premier. While the AZ Premier was the favorite to win the game someone must of forgot to tell that to the PHX Force as the Force (led by Connor Stark’s 12pts) upset the favored AZ Premier 42-36. The AZ Premier was led by Domonic Graciani’s 14pts, 9rebs.

The win by the PHX Force set the stage for a possible David (PHX Force) vs Galiath (AZ Stars) match up.

14U Championship Game

The 4th and final championship game of the day, would this be a David vs Goliath match up? It definitely had the makings of such a game on paper but once the game got started it was nothing of the sort, the AZ Stars meant business. The AZ Stars led by last years 7th grade player of the year (Dorian Pickens) The AZ Stars are extremely loaded and very deep. The PHX Force did give a valiant effort in giving it there best shot but in the end it was too much Roberto Reyes, too much Rolando Rhymes, too much Sam Jones, too much Chris Davis, too much Ahmed Levon, too much Gino Littles, too much Mark Andrews etc. The AZ Stars went on to win 69-31. The AZ Stars were led by Chris Davis’s 16pts and 12rebs and Rolando Rhymes added 12pts, 8assist, 5steals. PHX Force was led by Felipe Velazco’s 8pts. Congratulations to the AZ Stars 14U squad they are definitely among the top 14U AAU teams in the country!


14U All-Tournament Team

Rolando Rhymes (AZ Stars), Dorian Pickens (AZ Stars), Chris Davis (AZ Stars), Sam Jones (AZ Stars), Roberto Reyes (AZ Stars), Felipe Velazco (PHX Force), Connor Stark (PHX Force), Jake Guasted (AZ Premier), Alex Irhke (AZ Premier), Domonic Graciani (AZ Premier), Justin Laine (Falcons), Gino Littles (AZ Stars) Tournament MVP: Rolando Rhymes (AZ Stars)

Team Bibby Tournament Wrap Up

In terms of the talent level, quality of event, organization, games played the Team Bibby Tournament is second to none. This tournament was well organized, games ran on time, the officiating was good and all participants really enjoyed themselves. I’ve attended plenty of tournaments in my day (locally & nationally) and if I had to give the Team Bibby crew a grade, they would definitely receive an A.

Congratulations to: Tournament Director Ryan Walcott, Raymond Walcott, Gerard Charmicle, Virginia Bibby and the rest of the Bibby, Walcott and Charmicle family for hosting such a good event and I’m sure that Team Bibby will be hosting more tournaments in the future so stay logged on to or for feature events.

                                                               Jeff Meadows - Editor/Head Scout